Samsung’s Bluetooth C-Pen start shipping (for TabPro S)

Earlier this year Samsung launched its first Windows10 2in1 device (the TabPro S) ,but they launched it without its pen ,and now few months after they shipped the device they started shipping the pen ,the pen cost 80$ (and the tablet with its keyboard cost 800$).

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Cube i7 Book is the successor for Cube i7 Stylus, a Cheap 2in1 tablet with Wacom Stylus and Core M3

Update 1 / the links to buy the Cube i7 Book are now live , this is the link for the device , and this is the keyboard , and this is the pen.
Cube announced their latest 2in1 device ,and this time it’s a true 2in1 device not just a tablet with a keyboard ,it’s a detachable tablet with keyboard that have a flexible hinge ,the Cube i7 Book also support a battery-less Wacom EMR pen stylus (which is a rare thing these days ,most tablet today use Wacom AES or other active pen tech) ,so you can use any Wacom EMR pen but the pen from Cube is a good option because of its price (30$) and the fact it have a top eraser.

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