Cube i7 Book is the successor for Cube i7 Stylus, a Cheap 2in1 tablet with Wacom Stylus and Core M3

Update 1 / the links to buy the Cube i7 Book are now live , this is the link for the device , and this is the keyboard , and this is the pen.
Cube announced their latest 2in1 device ,and this time it’s a true 2in1 device not just a tablet with a keyboard ,it’s a detachable tablet with keyboard that have a flexible hinge ,the Cube i7 Book also support a battery-less Wacom EMR pen stylus (which is a rare thing these days ,most tablet today use Wacom AES or other active pen tech) ,so you can use any Wacom EMR pen but the pen from Cube is a good option because of its price (30$) and the fact it have a top eraser.

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